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Creative Project – Final

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Creative Project

For my creative project I decided to film the painting process instead of taking photos of it at different stages.

A bit like this:

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Creative Project

So basically for this creative project I wanted to paint a self portrait, although with a medium I don’t usually work with, so I tried watercolours. I practiced painting with them for a bit, but I couldn’t really get it right. There are some embarrassing attempts which I didn’t keep, although one attempt worked okay, I just find the painting boring overall.

And I know, I haven’t shown how I got to that final painting, which is why I want to try something new. So I took a bunch of photos and edited them to how I wanted them to look in the painting. Also in my previous posts I referenced a few artists who’s work have given me ideas. Mark Demsteader’s work and Kathleen Lolley’s work has inspired me the most.



Don’t mind my photoshop skills..

Barn Owl

Barn Owl 2

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Creative Project

Initial ideas

I have been thinking about the creative project and what I want to actually do. Seeing as there are no limitations to the project my mind has been a little bit muddled and it’s been difficult to find a starting point. So I have been searching the internet for things to inspire me. I have come across a website, escape into life and there are a few artists whose work has really started to inspire me.

I Wayan Sudarsana Yansen

Emma Kidd

Jane Almirall

Kathleen Lolley

Erika Altosaar

Agnes Cecile

Mark Demsteader

I find these pieces intriguing as they all have an interesting element in them. Whether it be the use of colours or distortion, I found that they have inspired me to try something new. Instead of using a medium that I am used to, I want to try using watercolours, I have tried to use them before but not very successfully, so trying again will make for an interesting creative project. I think I will have a series of paintings and I will document my progress in this blog.


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