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Work Examples

These images were for my photowork assignment in semester 1, the assignment was to capture images in the dark using only ambient lighting and no flash. The negatives were then push processed so there was more contrast between the light and the dark. Working with film for the first time was stressful and a lot of chance is involved with the process. You have to make sure you get the settings right or the negatives will turn out either under or over exposed, sometimes making the photos useless and having to start again. Despite the stress this unit was an endeavor that I am proud of achieving and I think it converted me into a lover of analogue photography rather than digital.

This was a painting I did in year 12, we had to paint ourselves in our favourite spot so I painted myself at the beach, it is also the first painting I did with oil paint… Although I believe that my painting skills and style has developed and changed over the past 3 years I still actually like this piece as I really pushed myself to try something different. This was probably the painting that made me realised my work didn’t have to be so clean and neat.

I did this drawing for my Introduction to Drawing unit this semester, my lecturer said that I favour line over tonal shading, although that is not a bad thing I really had to try when doing this drawing as we were not allowed to use line. Having done this unit I have actually realised my strengths and weaknesses in regards to drawing and that I have a particular style which I can use to my advantage in projects to come. I have also learnt a lot about measurement and proportion and to actually look at and study the subject when I am drawing.

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